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JBM-Maschinenbau und Vertrieb
Siemensweg 48
D - 41844 Wegberg
+49 (0) 2434 / 99 39 360

Müllers & Backhaus JBM-machinery and distribution

Welcome to our website.

We are a traditional medium sized company located in Wegberg / Germany

JBM Firmengebäude

Our range of activities extend to the production and distribution of high-quality machines for professional use in landscaping and local authorities. We at JBM make wood chippers, stump grinders, log splitters, levelling machines and scarifiers. All these machines are perfect for arborists, landscapers and local authorities.

Based on our continuous growth over the past years and the steady rise of customers and employees we were up to our full spacial capacity limit at our previous premises in Wegberg-Arsbeck. In May 2012 we moved into our new premises Wegberg, Siemensweg 48. With our attractive new facility in the industrial area “Große Riet” in Wegberg we prepare a modern and powerful company to secure long-term and even further growth.

For the past 50 years we have been successful with our products in the market, which we develop, produce and distribute under the brand name JBM. At the beginning we worked within the region, but over the past years we have developed further to dealing and working with customers across Europe.

Our attractive new premises in the industrial area “Große Riet” in Wegberg is perfect for offering a professional and outstanding service. The total area was planned to precision and built according to our requirements. Development, production, sales and administration are all located within the new premises. This therefore secures and further improves the high quality service offered producing our excellent JBM-machines. Through this we are prepared for an even greater future.

Wood Chipper JBM 624 MDX
JBM Holzzerkleinerer 421MX
Wood Chipper JBM 421 MX

JBM-wood chippers are offered as motor driven machines or as pto-driven machines with a huge range of engine-power class. They can take wood width up to a diameter of 28 cm.

JBM Holzzerkleinerer 1040 ZDK
Wood Chipper JBM 1040 ZDK

Baumwurzelfräse JBM 5960 DH
Stump Grinder JBM 5960 DH

JBM-stump grinders are produced as manual handled machines. There are also fully hydraulic driven machines with engine power ranging from 13 up to 100 hp. PTO-driven machines are available up to a performance of 150 Hp.

jbm 400
Scarifier JBM 400

JBM scarifiers are produced as hand-operated machines with a working-width of 40 cm and 50 cm.

jbm 1300
Levelling machine JBM 1300 L

JBM-levelling machines are produced for use with two and one axle tractors of different manufacturers with a working-width from 1300 mm up to 1800 mm.


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